a little bit of live music

There’s something almost spiritual about seeing a good band live.

It’s a mixture of feelings. When you’re on the floor in the crowd you’re torn between thinking you’re insane for sacrificing your personal space and hearing, getting elbowed in the face and aching feet; with the feeling of total freedom and acceptance to scream your lungs out and dance like a total idiot. To finally be in a room of people who love the same songs as you do, people who get it. And for a little while you can totally just be yourself.

The best bit is where you just stop and close your eyes, letting the music wash over you, feeling the kick drum thump through your chest like it’s keeping you alive.

So this post is dedicated to rockers Yellowcard currently on their farewell world tour after 20 years together. Arguably one of the top bands that defined my generation with their heartfelt tracks, they could always be called upon to fit a lyric to whatever you were feeling. Whilst I only had the privilege of seeing you play live twice your music is and will always be an inspiration to me. Thanks guys xx

We could leave this town and run forever…

Just a couple of snaps I took from their 2012 show in Sydney at the UNSW Roundhouse. Shot for Push to Fire.


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