the end is only the beginning

It’s hard to believe with my severe lack of posts that it has been two years since I landed in London. But here I sit in an empty apartment, one housemate in India and the other in Croatia, surrounded by overstuffed luggage and the Lazarus soundtrack blaring at me from my laptop. How do you cram two years worth of crap into the one bag you originally brought with you?

I can’t even begin to put into words how much fun I’ve had here and how much I absolutely fucking love London. It is actually breaking my heart that I have to leave.

This last week has really hit me – I even cried at work, which greatly surprised my manager who thought I had zero feelings. I saw an amazing play for the fourth time. I danced the night away with cancan dancers from the Moulin Rouge, and drank cocktails surrounded by friends and exotic taxidermy. I had a fancy high tea with my awesome housemate and her friend, and tried to start ballet again with excruciating results. I lay in the sun for seven hours and didn’t get sunburnt, and I sat front row of a play with one of my favourite comedic actors ever (Matt Berry!!). Only in London can you do such weird shit all the time, and that’s totally why I love it.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself here (mainly that I’m a nana who really needs to stop drinking) and I’ve met some of the most beautiful and amazing people. My Aussie girls, total strangers at first despite being from the same hometown, you are now my confidants and friends. My work girls, some old some new, who were always there to help and fangirl out with me when needed. My housemate Renee, who gave me a place to live after knowing me for all of five minutes and looked after me this whole time – thank you. I love you all.

Til next time London… xx


Listening to: Lazarus (Original Cast Recording)
Shows this week: The Philanthropist @ Trafalgar Studios
Watching: Gilmore Girls
Reading: IT
Current man-crush: Scott Patterson


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